Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"spooky" halloween tiny book

I made a spooky, tiny book for Terri's "Spooky" little book swap. For the swap, we were to make a collage, copy it, and make several tiny books for the participants (just in case you're new here and don't know about tiny books yet. Be sure to check out Julie's tutorial if you would like to make one of your own).
Spooky Tiny Book 1
Now that I've received all of the tiny books from the participants (I'll be sharing those soon), I can share the book.
Part of the reason I love making these tiny books so much is that I get to keep the original.
Spooky Tiny Book 2

Spooky Tiny Book 3
I'll admit that I am willing to use my favorite supplies on these tiny books because I know they will be staying with me.
Spooky Tiny Book 4
Fine. I'll admit it. It's selfish.
Well, this is the cover (page 1):
Spooky Tiny Book 5
This is the first layout (pages 2 and 3):
Spooky Tiny Book 6
This is the second layout (pages 4 and 5):
Spooky Tiny Book 7
This is the third layout (pages 6 and 7):
Spooky Tiny Book 8
This is the back cover and final page (page 8):
Spooky Tiny Book 9
I put this tiny book in my shop for those of you that would like to buy one (you can see it copied and folded there, too,). Remember, though, if you want to swap one of my tiny books (or any one in my shop) for one of yours, I would be delighted to swap with you. I can't get enough of these tiny books. The other day I was looking through them, and I thought, "I'm like a 12 year old boy with a beloved baseball card collection."


  1. oh, jessica. this one is outstanding! love. it. you're so creative - love each little collage and i love halloween so it's perfect!


  2. Your tiny books are so precious. I understand the need to keep the original which you use your treasures on. It is extremely hard for me to part with my treasures. Happy Haunting...

  3. i love them...
    i made tiny books for our boss's day luncheon...i get roped into doing the favors every year...i tried my hand and the tb...not to bad...

  4. So CUTE! I love tiny things like this!

  5. I have never seen one of these little books before so I will be checking out the how dos. I love to learn new things. I just finished my very first Halloween paper bag album. I saw them every where last year but it was a bad year for me. I purchased paper bag albums already sewed together off of ebay last year. I had soo much fun decorating each page and making tuck ins for each pocket. I would love for you to visit my blog and let me know what you think!I would love to swap with you when I make one of those little bitty books.

  6. I love Halloween and I LOVE these tiny books! Where on earth did you find all those cute witch characters...they are adorable! Great job...I would keep the original myself too!! *wink*

  7. Lovely! I adore that little witch girl--just reminds me of my little one :)

  8. I really like your tiny book pages! Especially the pages with the buttons. And your swap with Tabitha was yummy!