Thursday, October 13, 2011

pumpkin (fall) tiny book

I made a pumpkin tiny book a few weeks ago when the pumpkinloveitis hit me hard. I think I've had more pumpkin lattes than I'd care to admit. I've nibbled on a few pumpkin muffins, ONE slice of pumpkin loaf, and ONE pumpkin scone from Starbucks. Not all at the same time, but still. Fall didn't start all that long ago.  I guess, I feel that if I don't enjoy it now it will pass me by and I will miss fall- I could REALLY relate to what my friend Mary said about "missing fall."
Pumpkin Tiny Book
At any rate, I came to share my pumpkin tiny book.
Pumpkin Tiny Book Collage
I don't know if Julie realized the impact her tiny book tutorial was going to have on me.
Pumpkin Tiny Book Collage
I love 'em.  And, I can't get enough. I have two others that I still haven't shared.  And, I have some ideas for a few more that I want to put together.
Pumpkin Tiny Book Collage
Well, this is the front cover of the tiny book (page 1):
Pumpkin Tiny Book Cover Page
This is the first layout (pages 2 and 3):
Pumpkin Tiny Book First Layout
This is the second layout (pages 4 and 5):
Pumpkin Tiny Book Second Layout
This is the third layout (pages 6 and 7):
Pumpkin Tiny Book Third Layout
This is the back cover of the tiny book (page 8):
Pumpkin Tiny Book Back Cover
I put the tiny books (copies of the original collage) in my etsy shop. See them copied and folded here.
Of course, I am always happy to swap tiny books! This one or any one in my shop for one of yours.
Pumpkin Tiny Book
Tomorrow, I will be hosting a little giveaway including one of my pumpkin tiny books.


  1. Oh so cute! who wouldn't!

  2. ok - this is really weird. i was here last week and left a comment on this post and it's not here! what in the world??? anyway - i adore your cozy fall projects, jessica:) those pumpkin tiny books? so, so cute! your blog is just always cheerful and inspiring, and i love it.