Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pumpkin themed petite inspiration box

I put together a pumpkin themed petite inspiration box for my friend Stevie.
I decorated a matchbox with pumpkin and fall patterned paper and my favorite orange striped grosgrain ribbon:
Inside of the box, I included more of the striped ribbon for Stevie, pumpkin tags, pumpkin spice votive candles, a pumpkin rubber stamp, a pumpkin tiny book (I'll be sharing pictures tomorrow), a gift card to Starbucks, so Stevie could pick up a pumpkin spice latte or blended pumpkin frappuccino or their pumpkin cream cheese muffin with candied pumpkin seeds or maybe their pumpkin scone or a slice of their pumpkin loaf. She has options is what I'm telling you. ;)
This is their pumpkin muffin below:
Inside, I also included a small matchbox with festive buttons:
Outside of the box, I also sent a fun, pumpkin pocket with seasonal , pumpkin chocolate:
and a "Harvest" pumpkin hanging:
I was able to scratch that pumpkinloveitis itch I get.
Tomorrow I will be sharing the tiny book, and on Friday, I will be hosting a giveaway...

See more petite inspiration boxes (they're matchboxes!) here.


  1. what a perfect PTPIB (easier to type that acronym) filled so thoughtfully!!!

    {current starbucks fave: LEMON LOAF, baby!}


  2. Oh what a cute box. ur jar is going postal tonight lady. hey i need ur fabulous recipe for pumpkin muffins. your pumpkinisits is spreading

  3. LOVING the pumpkin theme!! I just adore your inspiration boxes Jessica.

  4. may i just say that i love everything?! we enjoy so many of the same things...