Friday, September 23, 2011

whimsy jar swap: whites and neutrals

Heather from Speckled Egg and I swapped whimsy jars.
I just love what Heather sent me.
Such pretty items in such a pretty, vintage jar:
I sent her the jar below:
I did enjoy our swap so much. Thank you, Heather.
When I have pretty pictures to share, a mess is often nearby....

being real... ;)


  1. How very true your wise words are. We do make time for what we want to do...or we make excuses that make us feel worse about not doing the fun things for us! Your swap jars are a really fun idea. I always enjoy so much the things you make and share. Blissful inspiration to you...

  2. Can you ship this to Peru? Oh wait, no because it has "artificial flowers and interior ornaments." *Peru, could you make an exception just this once! Its so pretty!*

  3. what a wonderful swap between you and heather. i'm so happy to be the recipient of a jessica whimsy jar! your details are the best!

    oatmeal raisin cookie

    (just figured i'd should mention food cuz we like that :)


  4. I sure did enjoy reading your post and looking at the lovely pictures of your swap. I do want to say thanks for sharing a little of real life with everyone by showing your little mess. For me, it's like phew, I am not the only one :)

  5. Jessica, I would have been a much happier young mother had I made more time for me. I about had a nervous break down- seriously. You just swap away with your adorable swaps and keep wearing those sandals! ♥

  6. truer words were never spoken girlfriend!!!

  7. now that i found the perfect jar and just the perfect off to get one more thing for your jar

  8. What fun swaps you two made for each other! I totally hear you about making time, (she says as her dishwasher isn't emptied but the gluebook pages are in the mail and the button swap emails have been sent!)

  9. Oh IO love the Whimsy Jar swap, I am going to see if I can host one of these on my FB swap group... Thank you for such a wonderful Idea!!

  10. I had never heard of a Whimsey Jar, what a great idea and such fun! Thanks for sharing!