Thursday, September 8, 2011


I spent a portion of the day sorting through my ephemera collection. I am working on a tiny book for Terri's "Spooky" Little Book Swap, so I was looking for some pieces fitting that theme. I didn't find much, and it's probably because I'm so disorganized.  I finally added the new bits of ephemera from my Spring swap to my wacky unique way of organizing my ephemera.  I have lots of favorite collections including vintage letters with those airmail envelopes (that's why I was so psyched about the swap with Michelle. Speaking of which, she finally received that lost, little box *sigh of relief* but I still sent her another one because I was worried the first one would never get to her. And because I had it all ready to go, I sent it to her when she told me she got the first one).

I was saying, I have lots of favorite collections: vintage letters, book pages, music sheets, dictionary pages, flashcards, Bingo cards, "cutesie" (playful/whimsical/girlie)ephemera, playing cards, Dennison labels (to name a few), and...

Ledgers are some of my favorite pieces in my ephemera collection. By ledgers, I mean anything with lines as I group ledgers, receipts, tally sheets, etc. all together.


  1. i am not looking forward to orgainizing my stuff when im all moved in. i need some orgaization ideas. u have any?

  2. Hi Jessica! I'm finally back on blogger after being AWOL all I need to catch up on all your fun posts! Hope you had a fantastic summer!

  3. LOVE your pile of ephemera (swoon!)

  4. yay! Hi Jessica! So good to "see" you again! Hope you are doing well. I've missed being a part of the blogging world. and i'm trying to get back to it! p.s. love that paper!!