Monday, September 26, 2011

layered jello poke cupcakes

I made layered jello poke cupcakes. The other day I shared some banana muffins that I layered with cream cheese and preserves. After seeing Elizabeth's birthday cupcake jars, I decided to make birthday cupcake jars for my daughter to share with her classmates on her birthday. 

Nikki at Whimsy Love presented these layered cupcakes in plastic cups, and these were the perfect solution.

I decided to go with jello-poke cupcakes. They are kid-friendly cupcakes.
Here is an informal recipe:
*Bake cupcakes using yellow cake mix, and allow them to cool completely.
*Poke holes generously over each cupcake with a wooden skewer or fork.
*Prepare strawberry jello and spoon a tablespoon or two onto each cupcake.
*Add vanilla frosting and sprinkles on top.
*Layer a cupcake on another.
*Cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Overnight would be better.
These were a hit with the kids! :)