Tuesday, August 23, 2011

muffin tin monday: build your own sandwich

My girls built their own sandwiches for MTM today using wheat bread slices, turkey lunch meat, pickles, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mustard (on the side).
Even my little one got in on the action:
Be sure to look here on Michelle's blog for more Muffin Tin Monday submissions.

Also, since we're on this subject of healthy eating, look here to see how she packs her kids' lunches.  So inspired.

See more muffin tin meals here.


  1. your such a crafty mom making even lunch fun and creative

  2. that's really cute.. and to think I just use my tins for muffins... or the vintage ones for keeping my buttons tidy on my desk. I have sorted anything out to send to you yet.. I'm dithering on making a little something to go along with a badge and some buttons (and the all important moo mini card!)

  3. *mouth wide open* you did not make a sandwich bar for addy! Shut up. Too adorable.

  4. My kids love sandwiches so much more when they put the toppings on themselves too!