Thursday, July 14, 2011

strawberry petite inspiration box and strawberry tiny book

This is the box that I made for Stevie for our strawberry themed swap:I decorated Stevie's matchbox simply with strawberry patterned paper, green polka-dotted tape, and a vintage inspired "strawberries" flashcard (it's becoming my favorite way to wrap things- look here to see what I mean).
Inside of the box, I included some strawberry or strawberry inspired vintage and modern labels; red, green, and strawberry buttons; red and green trims/ribbons; a strawberry rubber stamp; strawberry lip gloss: a strawberry patterned ribbon and studded charm:
and a tiny book.
Here it is below:
from different angles:
'cause I'm obsessed with tiny books. ;)
You can have your very own tiny book, too. Look here in my etsy shop (even if you're not going to buy it- you can see what it looks like copied and folded there).

Before I run along, I have to tell you that the strawberry girl in my book- which I also used for my Jack Skellington swap- and the little strawberry sticker used on the back cover of the book were made by Marina Collings. I love her work.

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