Tuesday, June 28, 2011

spring ephemera swap

These are the packets received from each participant for the Very Vintage Spring Ephemera Swap. I was able to take a picture of each of the packages as they arrived. Each one is so unique and so pretty. I love how they all looked distributed and assorted for each participant (look here), but today I will be showing you what each participant sent. Heather from Speckled Egg sent these packets: She filled the packets with a botany flash card, dictionary pages, wallpaper pieces, tickets, paper lace, satin millinery leaves, an embroidered fabric remnant and buttons.

Michelle from Hold Dear made these packets for each participant: She filled each packet with vintage tickets and colorful clothing tags.

Cristina from Born to Fly made a sewn pocket using pages from a vintage botany book: She filled each pocket with book pages, aqua paper lace, a flash card, a sweet playing card, and a Whitman card.

 Laurie from Indulge Your Shelf sent these packets: She filled the packets with text pages, dictionary pages, wallpaper, grocery tickets, playing cards, parchment paper, game pieces, button cards, greeting cards, and buttons to name a few.

Michelle from Inspiration Everywhere sent a bundle of ephemera: She included retro fabric, book pages, a retro image, and lace. 

Michelle & Ashley from The Tattered Cottage sent an assortment of ephemera for each participant: They included a recipe page, postcards, black and white photos, stamps, thrift tokens, buttons, and postage stamps.

Renee from The Chateau of Remnants sent packets of crinkled sheet music: She filled each one with buttons, wrapping paper pieces, tags, and game pieces.

Karen from Recycled Rita filled a packet for each participant : with botany pages, foreign book pages, a bird playing card, millinery, and lace.

Gretchen from Amanda's Baskets sent baggies: of wrapping paper remnants, flash cards, and postcards for each participant.

Karen Hess from Karen's Monday Musings sent these packets: filled with embroidered ribbon or crepe paper, buttons, and a Dennison label for each participant.

Teresa from Fox Hollow Tales sent a baggie for each participant: She filled each one with lace or ribbon and embellishments like charms.

Jenni from The Vintage Songbird sent an assortment of music sheets and botany textbook pages:
Lisa from Happily Scrappin' Today decorated a manila folder for each participant and filled it with several pieces of ephemera: like Bingo cards, dictionary pages, flash cards, ledgers, sheet music, book pages, French pages, buttons, labels... to name a few.

Cassie from For the Art of It sent an assortment of ephemera for each participant: She included book pages, sheet music, receipts, grocery book and tickets, and playing cards.

Kelly from Dreaming of Vintage sent an assortment of botany pages, as well (perfect for Spring inspired crafting):
I sent these packets: Each packet had an old Mother Goose page, a Bingo card, Whitman cards, and ledgers for each participant.

See more of my artistic kits here.

PS. I have an extra packet that I made for the swap. (The one in the last picture). If you would like it, let me know in the comments. I will draw a random person on Friday, July 1st.