Tuesday, June 21, 2011

another tiny book

This is the tiny book I made for Michelle's tiny book swap. I received the happy bundle last week, and I will be sharing pictures of those soon.

This is the McDonald's inspired tiny book I made. ;) It really wasn't inspired by McDonald's, but it was inspired by the red and yellow color scheme . I ordered a bunch of Moo cards right before I mailed these out, and I used a picture of the tiny book itself:
Onto the tiny book. This is the cover:
I used some of my favorite supplies on this tiny book. For example, on the cover- I finally used my favorite heart button given to me by my friend Rachel for our pocket swap last year. I used yellow tatted lace, a Dennison label, and my favorite little bird sticker.

This is the first layout...
On the first layout, I used a Whitman "Hearts" card, another Dennison label, more tatted lace, and fun yellow buttons.

On the second layout...
I used a felt heart, another Dennison label, dictionary paper with a "lollipop" header, and a vintage red and white striped card.

On the third layout...
I used another felt heart, another Dennison label, more playful buttons, red sheet music, and a vintage card with a silhouette of children holding balloons.

Finally, on the back cover...
I used yellow ledger, another Dennison label (I LOVE them right now), and a favorite doll sticker.

I enjoyed using several, favorite found pieces from my collection in this tiny book.
I've listed it in my etsy shop here if you want to pick one up, too.


  1. oh so very very cute!!! now why am I getting hungry for McDonald's fries again.........?! giggles!

    have fun with your kiddos this summer. gosh, that takes me back to the day with my sons. we would have 1 day a week for hiking at the park, another for 'adventure' day which meant a day trip somewhere, another was for running errands, and then the others during the week were for them to play around the house. it helped them to break up the week. oh yes, one night a week we went to the drive in with Dad and that is still a fave treat of ours, but now we bring tons of friends and make a big event of it. the drive in is still a big deal in our little town.

    have a good week! :)

  2. LOVE!!! This swap was amazing! I put all the mini books into a bowl and have it sitting on my coffee table. xo

  3. Your tiny books are so adorable!

  4. Love these little books. Do you have the instructions somewhere on your blog. I looked but didn't find them. I'm asking because my granddaughters are spending time with me this summer and I think this is something that they could do.

  5. Oh man, I want a tiny book! Where to begin????

  6. SO CUTE!!!

    white board with a schedule, eh? brilliant! i just might have to borrow that one. lol

    love your tiny books


  7. Oh so cute! They are just adorable.

  8. Hi Jessica! Your books are so so so cute! And I kept forgetting to mention...I LOVED that the Moo cards you included had your little book art work on them! SO INSPIRED!!

    Wishing you a very happy day, my friend!


  9. love these little books! i see you are neck-deep in swappy goodness! so fun! have a fabulous week Jessica.
    xo natalea

  10. These tiny books are so cute. how can i get in on the next tiny book swap?

  11. Wasn't this a fun swap?!