Tuesday, June 21, 2011

another tiny book

This is the tiny book I made for Michelle's tiny book swap. I received the happy bundle last week, and I will be sharing pictures of those soon.
I ordered a bunch of Moo cards right before I mailed these out, and I used a picture of the tiny book itself:
Onto the tiny book. This is the cover:
I used some of my favorite supplies on this tiny book. For example, on the cover- I finally used my favorite heart button given to me by my friend Rachel for our pocket swap last year. I used yellow tatted lace, a Dennison label, and my favorite little bird sticker.

This is the first layout...
On the first layout, I used a Whitman "Hearts" card, another Dennison label, more tatted lace, and fun yellow buttons.

On the second layout...
I used a felt heart, another Dennison label, dictionary paper with a "lollipop" header, and a vintage red and white striped card.

On the third layout...
I used another felt heart, another Dennison label, more playful buttons, red sheet music, and a vintage card with a silhouette of children holding balloons.

Finally, on the back cover...
I used yellow ledger, another Dennison label (I LOVE them right now), and a favorite doll sticker.

I enjoyed using several, favorite found pieces from my collection in this tiny book.
I've listed it in my etsy shop here if you want to pick one up, too.