Tuesday, May 31, 2011

fries, anyone?

For the tiny book I was to make for Michelle's tiny book swap, I decided to go with a red and yellow color scheme. I'm going to show you the entire book another day, but here is the cover of it:
Part of the reason I decided to got with a red and yellow color scheme is that I really wanted to use an old vintage "Hearts" Whitman card like the one below and lots of Dennison labels.
As I was putting the tiny book together looking for some red and yellow ephemera, I thought, "Hey, these are McDonald's colors!" I'm thinking that maybe I was subconsciously craving a cheeseburger and fries. Mmmm.....
I sent my books to Michelle along with a whimsy jar for her as a gift for being a wonderful hostess. I sent one of those Bonne Maman jelly jars filled with red and yellow treats for her. How about a milkshake with that tiny book? ;)

See more of my artistic kits here.


  1. mmm ... milkshake!

    always enjoy your tiny books. they are so sweet and full of details! red and yellow always make me think of mcdonald's too.

    i'll have fries with that ...


  2. such a cute little book.

    ah, how I love their fries!

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I love the sweet book and all the red and yellow and yes, I will have fries with that please.

    Happy week

  4. So sweet! :)
    You definately are the queen of these teeny books, Jessica!
    I've been having a little play with the mini books....so you may just get one with our matchbox swap ;)
    Mmmmm, and I quite fancy a milkshake now!! Lol
    Jan x

  5. SOOOO cute! I can't wait to get these little books back! SUCH a fun swap! I think I could easily become addicted to making these little booklets!

  6. just about the cutest thing since cracker jacks started putting little treats in their boxes! grins!

  7. Hmmmm....milkshake....

    Your book is ADORABLE, Jessica, and the Whimsy Jar is just too darn cute! LOVE it all and thank you thank you!

    Thanks again for being such a pal! :-)

  8. OOOh so fabulous!!! I'm so excited for our strawberry swap. I received some lovely fabric in the mail...I tell ya the wait to receive the orders is like Christmas Eve hehe!

    I can't wait to get 26 mini books in the mail from artists all over!