Thursday, May 19, 2011

very vintage spring ephemera swap **SWAP FULL**

**Swap is now full!**

Celebrate these last few weeks of Spring with me with a Spring-inspired swap.
I am hosting a Very Vintage Spring Ephemera Swap just like the Very Vintage Christmas Ephemera Swap hosted by Cristina a few months ago. With her permission (and participation! :), I am presenting this swap to you in hopes that you will play along with us.

For this swap, you will choose no more than 25 pieces Spring or Spring-inspired true vintage ephemera, and mail them to me along with shipping costs ($7) to distribute among the participants.

(Edit: There was some confusion here. I meant that there can be no more than 25 participants. You can put a few pieces of ephemera together for each participant if you would like- little packets if you will- that's what I'm doing! I just meant that there would be no more than 25 participants. You are not limited to how many pieces of ephemera you want to send to each person).

I'm thinking pastel pinks, pastel blues, pastel greens, pastel yellows; flowers; birds; trees; butterflies; ladybugs; etc. The ephemera must be true vintage- 70's or earlier. Also, try to keep your ephemera the same or similar for all of the participants.

Ideas include: sheet music, greeting cards, text paper, letters, lace, millinery, wallpaper, buttons, flashcards, ledgers, stick pins, receipts, etc.

Send your ephemera to me by June 1st, and I will ship them out to you by June 6th.

If you would like to play along, please let me know by leaving a comment here and by sending me an email to {jessrodarte(at)verizon(dot)net} with your name, blog URL (**you have to have a frequently updated blog to participate**), and your mailing address.

Feel free to grab the button and spread the word.

Sign ups end May 27th or until we reach the limit of 25 people.


  1. Please include Ashley and myself (as a team). Let us know if we made it in. I have emailed you.

    Thank you!

    Michelle & Ashley

  2. Oh I am in :) Fun ... stuff!
    Emailing you now!

  3. I would love to do this! karen...

  4. I would love to join in! Thanks so much! Teresa of

  5. Jessica, all your swaps (petite inspiration, friendship swap, etc) are so lovely. I participated in the very vintage Christmas swap too. What a treasure trove it was. I won't be able to join you this Spring, but I know it will be wonderful. Have fun everyone!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's fun to discover you too!

  6. Hi Jessica! I would love to join your swap! Please include me!

  7. soooo excited! xoxo

  8. Sounds like a great swap! I'd love to participate! I'll email you. Thanks!!

  9. How fun! Can't wait to start going through my stash(es) to see what springy ephemera I have!

    Thank you for hosting Jessica another edition of Cristina's fabulous swap!

  10. Hi Jessica!
    I would love to participate in your sweet swap! Count me in, please.

  11. I would love to participate!

  12. If there is still room, I would like to join in the Very Vintage Spring Ephemera Swap.

    Gretchen Peacock

  13. Please sign me up! This looks like a lot of fun! I heard about you from Michelle Gellar's blog. This will be my first time and I want to make sure I do it right. Can you give an example of how much stuff to put in each little packet? And also, should we make 25 packets, or will you be telling us how many participants there are after the signups close? Thanks for the help!

  14. Hope you still have spots open, would luv to play along.