Monday, April 11, 2011

red and aqua tiny book

This is the other tiny book I made. I was inspired to make this, so I could include it in the package I put together for my good friend Kerri.
Kerri likes the red and aqua color scheme, so I themed her package around those colors (I'll be sharing the package I sent her and the one she sent me with you soon). Red and aqua is one of my favorite color schemes, too. It made me think of this swap. I used plenty of Dennison labels in this one- they are my latest love. I also used plenty of buttons. Kerri doesn't know it, but she's a button floozy, too. This book is also in my etsy shop.

This is the front cover: The 1st and 2nd page:
The 3rd and 4th page:
The 5th and 6th page:
and the back cover: I'm pretty sure this tiny book frenzy is far from over. ;)


  1. This is too cute for words. I just love the little book with all the great embellishments.

  2. This is sweet. I love all the buttons too.

  3. I love the color scheme in this book! My favorites: aqua and red! :) These little books are crazy cute, it is amazing how 3 dimensional all the embellishments look!

  4. Super cute, Jessica! I'm still loving red and aqua but also pink and baby blue and all other colors! Ha-ha! I'm hopeless! ♥

  5. adorable as always! i can just tell that you had a lot of fun assembling all of this. :)


  6. Totally a button floozy. Admitted.