Tuesday, April 5, 2011

nightmare before valentine's day swap from apryl

This is the package that Apryl at Meridian Ariel sent to me for our Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap. She wrote about it here. (I already blogged about what I sent her here and here). I've been following Apryl's blog for a long time. I was quick to jump on her owl swap some time ago. (You can read more about that one here if you would like- that was one of my favorites; I liked her fairytale swap, too).

This is a sample of some of Apryl's work.
Below is Lillian (this is Apryl's picture): "Lillian is 7. She is pretty, bright as a button, has an air of melancholia about her and likes to dress like Wednesday Adams..." (You will have to read more about Lillian on Apryl's blog here). 
Below is another one of my favorite dolls from Apryl (this is her picture, as well): You will have to read Apryl's Sugar and Spite post to read more about her. (You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive one of Apryl's dolls along with other treasures. I had been eyeing several in Apryl's etsy shop).
First, Apryl wrapped my treasures in sewing pattern paper and twine (this is her picture below as well- I tore right into my package, so I didn't get to take a picture): I received one of Apryl's handmade dolls. Her name is Malice: Malice came along with a story about herself typed on a distressed flashcard and vintage key: I will share some of the story here with you (Apryl has some of Malice's story on her blog here, as well): "Malice lives on the edge of Valentine City in a crumbling castle filled with whispering ghosts. She cries in the rain and laughs in the snow. Pinned to her dress is a tarnished key. She says the key is to a wooden box buried under the castle. In the box lies her bleeding heart. I don't think she is kidding. Malice is not the kidding type..."
This is one of Apryl's pictures below: Malice is now sitting on my bookshelf in front of my vintage books. Apryl also sent me a Moleskine journal with a hand drawn portrait of Sally (my favorite Tim Burton character). She sent me a badge with one of Sally's quotes from the movie, "What's wrong? I thought you liked frog's breath": Apryl sent me another hand drawn portrait just like her storybook page paintings that I admire so much (this, too, is Apryl's picture): Apryl sent me a ticking heart pin cushion: She sent me a vintage book, clock stamp, lace, pink thread, and an embroidered doily:
Thank you so much, Apryl!