Thursday, April 14, 2011

red and aqua

This is a package I put together for my friend Kerri: Kerri likes the red and aqua color scheme (the other day I shared the tiny book that I made inspired by this swap). Kerri also mentioned a few other things that she liked including organization in general. I was browsing around Target getting ideas for the swap when I spied this pocket organizer:
I liked it, but it was a little plain, so I made one instead inspired by that one:

See other pocket organizers I've made here.
In Kerri's package, I included a variety of stationary pieces like a note pad, note cards, and post-its:
I also made a petite inspiration box for Kerri:Inside of that, I put another mini box with beads and a pendant (Kerri likes to make jewelry), those filigree charms above, the tiny book, and buttons:
Kerri likes buttons, too.

Finally, I included some of my favorite recipes. (This is the recipe book she made for me).

See more of my artistic kits here.


  1. The package you put together for her looks AMAZING! I am loving all the aqua and red, and those buttons are to-die-for!

    And the organizer you made is totally FABULOUS!

  2. Such a beautiful package! She will love it!!! I love the red/aqua combo! SO the next swap you are thinking about...might it be the hostessing of a pretty pockets swap?!?! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. She DOES love it! The colors are so fun together, especially for this time of year. I absolutely ADORE the organizer. It's thoroughly cuter than that boring target inspiration. Just my style too.

    Thank you so much my darling Jessica! Love it all!

  4. I was eyeing those same organizers at Target this weekend. Yours is much nicer! Kudos! Loving all those pretty buttons, too.

  5. Every single time I see what you're sending in a swap, I wish I was your partner! You seriously put together the best packages ever! I'm looking forward to your future posts.

  6. just catching up on your blog and loving all your wonderful swapping madness!! you've been busy!
    hope you are well and Happy Almost May!! xoxo nat