Monday, March 21, 2011

nightmare before christmas jack skellington whimsy jar, tiny book, and more

Whimsy jars have become my favorite way to give gifts.

Recently, Elyse and I swapped tinkered jars and I loved the jelly jar that Elyse had sent to me. I have been collecting those jelly jars now to use for gifts and swaps. (Check out Elyse's recent Faux Sew Sewing Jar- I'm itching to make one).

I participated in Apryl's swap The Nightmare Before Valentine's Day. Apryl was my partner.

I did a lot of "research" before I put Apryl's package together (I tend to do vast amounts of blog stalking research before I put a package together).

I noticed that Apryl also shares a passion for these jelly jars. Look here, here, here, or here in her craft space.

So, I used one of the jars from my growing collection, and stuffed a few of Apryl's gifts in there. I opted to go with a Jack Skellington theme (that's Apryl's favorite Tim Burton character- I've grown quite fond of him, too), so I went with black and white strips with red as an accent color. (All within Apryl's favorite colors).

Buttons galore, cupcake toppers (including some skeleton ones), striped grosgrain ribbon, striped cupcake liners (in the jar- see 'em? I copied Elyse's idea of lining the jar with a cupcake liner), and a Jack Skellington tiny book. (I will be listing those in my etsy shop, too):
I got this strawberry girl in Marina's etsy shop (love her and how perfect her striped arm warmers and leggings were for this swap):
A recipe for a whimsy jar is as easy as-

Taking a jelly jar:
Filling it with delights: And hopefully having one happy recipient.

See more of my artistic kits here.


  1. Such a cute jar with all the goodies - even the lid fits the color scheme :)

  2. adorable! aren't bonne maman jars the best!? i love 'em. and no one fills a whimsy jar up like you do!


  3. Fabulous Jar!!! The li'l strawberry girl is perfect for the theme! I spy a mini book! xo

  4. What a cute idea! Love the them you guys had for the swap. I just posted on the Petite Inspiration swap we were in. Hope you are doing well, I have been catching up on my reads. Take care, Kris

  5. I have a boat load of recycled jars just waiting to be upcycled and given as gifts. Time ... I just need a bit more time. Spring Break begins the afternoon of March 30th. Woohoo! Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Cut jar, loving all those goodies.

  7. Super cute! Love all the fun goodies!

  8. Thanks for the comment! I'll be new to cloth diapering, so its a whole new world for me!


  9. I can't wait till you list this tiny book in your shop...Shelby LOVES nightmare!