Monday, March 28, 2011

nightmare before valentine's day swap for apryl

This is what I sent Apryl at Meridian Ariel for our Nightmare Before Valentine's Day Swap:
She blogged about it here.

I loved the theme of this swap, and I really enjoyed putting this package together for Apryl. I first mentioned the swap here. In that same post, I mentioned that Apryl's favorite Tim Burton character is Jack Skellington, so I used him and his black/white pinstriped suit as a theme. I used red as an accent color, as well. It worked out nicely because Apryl mentioned those were some of her favorite colors.
For the swap, we were to send a craft treat, a Valentine's Day treat, and two handcrafted items.
Apryl mentioned she liked buttons and vintage papers (my kind of crafter), so that's just what I sent her for the craft treat "requirement": The other day I shared the whimsy jar I sent her: I stuck the buttons in there, along with some striped grosgrain ribbon, a Jack Skellington tiny book (I'll be sharing the book in more detail soon), cupcake liners, and cupcake toppers. Apryl enjoys baking, and I thought she could use those cupcake liners and toppers. (I am itching to make these banana and coconut muffins, this apple upside down cake, and strawberries and lime cheesecakes featured on her blog.)
For the two handcrafted items, I decided to send Apryl a pocket organizer:
Apryl likes doilies, so I embellished the pocket organizer with a vintage doily:

See other pocket organizers I've made here.

Then, I made Apryl a paper bag album:

I used vintage papers in the book:
I thought Apryl might be able to use the book for her storybook page paintings.

(See more of my paper bag albums here. If you're interested in making your own paper bag album, I have tutorials here and here).

I put Apryl's treats in this decorated matchbox:
I put Mounds in her box; Apryl likes dark chocolate and coconut (and even the wrapper fit the color scheme nicely):
I sent some extra Mounds alongside the box, as well.
Sign me up for the next one. ;)

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