Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day and muffin tin monday

I went to a class and made this book: Jennifer at Hydrangea Hippo, taught this class (this is her photo above) at the scrapbook store Collective Journey. I saw Jennifer's post about the class, and I was determined to go. Jennifer has an etsy shop where she has this book for sale as a kit. Maybe you want to make one?

After the class, my sister and I went out for sushi:
Because we weren't done with our books, we actually took our books in and worked on them until the food came. Several of the waitresses and customers oohed and aahhed over our books.

When I got home, I was greeted with Valentine gifts from my husband. My husband had seized the opportunity of having the day without me to buy me a Valentine's Day gift with our little ones. Although he wanted to wait until Monday to give me my gifts, my daughters charged in with flowers and chocolate right away before he had a chance to stop them. lol. He also bought me a board game (I love playing games) and a yoga mat as I have been working out more frequently lately.

I was able to give him his gift the next day. I had the idea of making a "Date Night Tree" for him. I decided to get him a tree with a bunch of gift cards to various restaurants and little places we like to go. I found this tree at Target, and ran around town to our favorite restaurants like here and here and fun little places like here and here. I even got him a few certificates to the movies. I also got him a gift card to Best Buy, where I would rather not go on date night.

I put this together for Muffin Tin Monday:
They need a little romance, too. ;)

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  1. Sounds like you made the most of Valentine's Day in spite of your cold.
    What a cute book!

  2. Your cover is fabulous! Love the little details! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine celebration!!! As always, love your muffin tin Mondays! xo

  3. Hi Jessica! It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines Day! Your book is super cute too!

  4. Love your book! So cute! And I hope you're feeling better...darn colds =(

  5. Thanks for coming to class--was great to meet you!! And thanks for sharing about my book and etsy shop :)

  6. Fun fun fun stuff! Oh you just helped me decide what I want for lunch today...SUSHI!!!! :-)

  7. Since we've been playing a mighty long game of phone tag, I figured I'd check in on your life via the blog. And I'm glad I did! Your Valentine's day sounds just delightful (minus the cold.) I really love the idea of the Date Night Tree. That could work in a variety of contexts, giving someone little bits of places/things they enjoy.
    Hope to chat soon!