Thursday, February 3, 2011

dollar bins and clearance rack "thrifting"

I went into Joann's for blade cartridges, and found several things to take home with me from the dollar bins, clearance bins, and sale's racks.In other news, as I was blog hopping the other day, I came across this post on Vanessa's ever inspirational blog A Fanciful Twist. She linked to a lemon yogurt bundt cake, and I just had to make it. I altered the recipe a little bit by substituting applesauce for vegetable oil.Each serving size is worth 7 points- if you speak the Weight Watcher lingo. (I just joined Weight Watchers to help me get rid of some stubborn weight).


  1. Luckily I must drive quite a distance to visit those craft stores. When I do my sister is the queen of bargain finds. We get so excited to find things for a quarter. How is it I always spend about $30 when I only got 25 cent to $1 items?!!
    Congratulations on your loss of 2 pounds plus! I do speak WW lingo and just gained 3 pounds on a road trip. Back to tracking and eating healthy!!! Happy February Hearts...

  2. Well, your bundt cake looks a hec of a lot better than my coconut rum cupcakes! Save me a piece! (and congrats on losing some of those pesky pounds)

  3. It is funny, but just about 1 week ago, I was at Micheal's and JoAnne's looking in $1.00 bin's and buying lots of goodies. I can't believe what you kind find. It is amazing fun.

  4. Hi, Jessica! I was given a Michael's gift card for my birthday in Oct and I just finished it up! You'd think I'd just go crazy with it but oh, no, I feel paralyzed with indecision on how to spend it! I know! I have issues. ;)

    I've been craft, craft, crafting away since some of my crafts are going to be sold in my friend's store! I've never sold anything that I've made before so it's kind of scary!

    I think I already told you but I love those pink dot tags you made. I'm in a pink dot phase up here! I always love seeing what you've made and always get my eye candy fix when I come over here.

    Take care! ♥

  5. What wonderful treasures!! I recently scolded my local Joanne's for having their dollar bins lining the wait area to check out. SERIOUSLY I was so irritated! I had dear hubby in tow and he had been a very good sport so no way I was going to disturb the line to check out to dig. Wonder what treasures I passed up?

  6. I go to Joann at least once a week. I've started trying to only buy what's on sale or what I have a coupon for, but it can still get pricey!

  7. Haha this cracks me up. I did the EXACT same thing today when I went in to JoAnn's. So had to resist such cute little trinkets for $1! You are surely not alone...

  8. how I wish we have jo-anns and Michaels here in the Philippines. loved your loot!!!

  9. Hi Jessica...who doesn't love a bargain!!!? Great stuff and that bundt cake looks fantastic! Congrats on joining WW and your success so far. I need to do that...ugh!!!

    Super fun blog!!! I'll be back!


  10. love finding good deals! there's nothing better than getting home and dumping out a big bag of craft loot and knowing you didn't spend too much! have a happy weekend Jessica!
    xo nat

  11. Oh yes! I all to well know those $1 bins at Micheals. They're awesome!
    Congrats on your weight-loss! That's an incredible feat and it seems you've done really well!

  12. Jessica, you made me laugh out loud. When my Hubby John asked what was so funny I read the part where the blades cost you so much. His only comment was to ask if you were a long lost relation of mine. Maybe distant cousins fifteen times removed? LOL! I am sooooo glad that I am not the only one who finds so many good bargins when I go out to get just one thing that I really need.
    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy all your post so very much.
    Have a great weekend.