Wednesday, January 26, 2011

valentine's day tags swap

I've always enjoyed exchanging cards and gifts for Valentine's Day. We try to make our Valentine's Day exchanges special by coming up with unique Valentine's. One year we did this. (They didn't look quite as good as hers, but we tried). I am hoping to try this, this, this, and this in the future (maybe this year).

I joined a few Valentine swaps. As I said, I love exchanging cards and gifts for Valentine's Day. I joined Natalea's Valentine Tag Swap. For these tags, I used pink polka dotted fabric as the base. I added glittery, paper roses and a coffee stained tag with vintage French paper. I also used some of the the pink polka dot netting ribbon from Heather's shop

I stamped a red heart onto the tag and added a rhinestone to each one. The heart stamp I used was the same one I used for the Alice in Wonderland tags I made a few months ago. (The stamp is from a Close to My Heart set, which I love).
I sent along one of my new Moo cards to each participant:
Here they are wrapped and ready to go:
Check out the tags I received in return here and here on Natalea's blog. This one is one of my favorites.