Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tiny books

I have been making and collecting tiny books. It all started when Julie Collings presented a tiny book tutorial for Artful Thursday. After her tutorial, she invited readers to join in a tiny book swap. I wish I had been able to participate. For the swap, Julie donated a set of tiny books to Haiti by Hand (look here, too).

This is the first one I made:
which I sell in my shop here.

The second one I made is this one:
which I also sell in my shop (here).

My friend Rachel from Alice and Elsie participated in the swap (see here), and made this tiny book. She sent that one to me some time ago along with her Birds of Feather tiny book that she made later:
She sells them in her shop if you are interested.

You can buy those in her shop, if you're interested.

Connie from Constantly Vintage and I swapped a tiny book. She sent me her book:
(The picture above was taken by Connie).

The ever inspirational Suzanne from Pink Roses kindly sent me one of her books:
(The picture above was taken by Suzanne).

Suzanne also has a post about the tiny book swap in which she links to the swap participants. I thought you might like to see that.

Just recently, I bought this birthday tiny book bundle from Julie Collings:
(You can buy the bundle in Julie's shop, too).

I recently received this Halloween themed tiny book from Rachel:
She posted pictures of it on her blog (this is her picture above, too). She was selling it in her shop

Two more of Rachel's tiny books are on their way to me. She made two Christmas themed tiny books.
(These are also pictures taken by Rachel). Look in her shop shop for these, as well.


  1. I LOVE all these tiny books, Jessica...haven't seen them before! What a fun idea...gets my brain humming!

    Wishing you the most wonderful of Thanksgivings with your sweet family...


  2. I love these tiny sweet books--and what wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing--I've got to try to make some of these. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. These tiny books are the perfect thing to create and collect as they don't take up very much room. Happy Thanksgiving...

  4. Awww so cute, it's the first time I have seen these lil books too! What a great little crafting idea :)
    Jan x

  5. Have I told you lately how much I love you? I couldn't pay for advertising like that! xoxo Rachel

  6. These are absolutely precious and whimsical, I will take 1 of each! :)