Tuesday, September 28, 2010

from cerri

This is my final post about what Cerri sent me for our swap.
Cerri made this tote for me:Cerri also took a picture of it here.I mentioned that I love how Cerri wrapped up the goodies she sent me: Cerri sent me a note in this pretty, vintage card. I had my eye on it when I saw it in her Flickr photostream:
Here is everything Cerri sent me unwrapped: Cerri sent me handmade tags and pockets:
Those strawberry tags are my favorite. (Yet another thing I had an eye on).
The sewn pockets were filled with embellishments like these butterfly cut outs: Cerri sent me a bundle of vintage fabrics. Cerri also sent me trims and ribbon:Last, but certainly not least, Cerri sent me a collection of buttons:
Thank you, Cerri!

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