Tuesday, August 3, 2010

muffin tin monday

For Muffin Tin Monday, I made grilled quesadillas, cubes of fresh fruit (mango, watermelon, and oranges) with lemon wedges and a bit of Tajin, Finally, I also included elote loco (crazy corn), a favorite around here.

See more muffin tin meals here.


  1. Jessica,
    I just spent some quality time with some of your old posts. So here is my random mixed up comment.
    Cupcake holders? Cool, now suddenly lots of ideas are coming to me.
    Was that a loaf of sushi? Yum whatever it was.
    Heather's swaps...the best! Only did one, but I have much regret for missing the Paris theme.
    Also, I clicked on the French flashcards on your sidebar. I have a set like that. I've never seen them anywhere else. I got mine in Austin.

  2. Greetings! I love the muffin tin idea. I'm sharing that with my sister for my niece :0). Yours looks very yummy! xo

  3. hey girl,
    stop on by and check out the swap and giveaway. gonna post pics today of giveaway and room. i love workspace wednesday!

  4. The lunch looks great and the restaurant too.

  5. I saw the pic and thought you went back already! It really was delicious, especially the Big Green.

    Lovely to spend time with you as always!