Wednesday, July 21, 2010

workspace wednesday

Today is Workspace Wednesday. I've been sitting on this tiny book for a while. I was itching to make a tiny book after seeing Rachel's.

I am still working on this one and haven't got it quite right, but I have my big jars of black embellishments out. Surely, I'll find something that works.

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  1. It's looking fab, the inspiration will come! I was thinking some really teeny rolled fabric flowers, but they may be a bit bulky on the "page"!!

  2. I love your little book Jessica, it is delightful, what inspiration, what a shame that I am quite busy right now, I must store this idea away for a week or ten!!
    Isn't it funny how things come together, and sometimes you kinda find yourself at a bit of a stalemate, but it is is looking fabulous!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for posting pics. I still want to see the entire room. Anyway hope all is well. Your mini book is very cute. I think maybe silohettes would be a cute addition or a charm like the mona lisa one you used for the petite box swap, although they are bulky.

  4. sent you an email.
    bout swaps and bella

  5. Fab book! Maybe a silhouette image of a lady?

  6. OOH I love the little books!! And the colors you used is so classic!! Hope you share the completed pictures!! 80)

  7. I would do a photo image transparency that you can still see through like sheer heaven or Omni gel, or even liquid sculpty .
    in any case its beautiful!