Thursday, July 15, 2010

whimsy jar swap peek

These are sneak peeks of the whimsy jars for my partners Kathy and Kimberly.


  1. Snort! I think we were all a couple days late. I know I was exactly two days late and felt like a jerk. But mine should be there today if I had to guess.:) Your whimsy jar looks adorable!

  2. I'm so glad your WJS was the one I picked for my FIRST SWAP ~ I rec'd my pkg yesterday from RUTH and it was over the are on my blog....
    you can do FLICKR but not FACEBOOK...
    I can do FACEBOOK but not FLICKR!!!!

    thanx for hosting!!!


  3. What lovelies!

    It is sooo hot here too! I am ready for fall! LOL

  4. So, what you're saying is that you're hot? :) Yeah, I'm really missing our pool- that's for sure.

    Those are some pretty peeks! Your swap girls will be thrilled.

    I'm a facebook junkie. :)

  5. Hi Jessica,

    The heat can be a lot of a challenge!
    I can send over some of our cold and wet weather we are having today.
    Love the sneak peek of the whimsy jar.
    I have not bothered about Face book either.
    Have a lovely weekend and stay cool.


  6. Hi Jessica,
    Love the sneak peek at my jar, can't wait to see it in person. So glad that you like what I sent!

  7. hi jessica,

    love your jars. I love the flowers. all my flowers dies from the heat. ugg. i hope you are staying cool.

  8. Sigh! I knew everything would be perfectly lovely! I rushed to finish my jar in the end too but haven't had time to blog it yet. I'll be doing that in the morning - promise!