Friday, July 2, 2010

petite inspiration box swap: paris edition

These are the petite inspiration swap boxes I made for my partners Erica and Valarie.
I decided to go with and simple and classic color palette: black and white. I also included cream and silver as accent colors.
I covered the matchboxes with French text, lace, a big satin white bow, pearl embellishments and and a distressed corset tag with rhinestones.
Inside of the boxes, I included lace and ribbons, an ephemera pouch with a few corset tags, paper roses, a mini ephemera pack (I enjoy putting these together for the petite inspiration box projects- this one is one of my favorites) with papier and various embellishments:
I included boutons, as well (of course):

I had to tuck the paper roses outside of the box because they wouldn't fit:
I never get enough of these swaps.

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