Friday, July 23, 2010

sweet girl paper bag scrapbook album

I made a paper bag album for my friend Cerri for our swap. I love making paper bag albums. I am planning on posting another tutorial soon.

The album I made for Cerri has 5 layouts, and is 6"x6" in size.
Inside of the album, I put vintage inspired pictures of little girls with dolls, so Cerri could get an idea of what her pictures would look like in the book.
I'm going to share the album with and without the removable pictures.
This is the cover:
I love the little girl with her doll and that dress patterned paper:
This is the first layout:The first layout, again, with the picture removed:This is the second layout:(with the picture removed):The third layout:(with the picture removed):The fourth layout:(with the picture removed):The fifth and final layout:(with the picture removed):And the back cover:I'm itching to make another paper bag album now. They are addicting.

See more of my paper bag albums here. If you're interested in making your own paper bag album, I have tutorials here and here.


  1. Jessica that's the prettiest album I've seen ever - its SO SWEET. What a perfect gift. Cerri will just love it. Really look forward to your tutorial.

  2. What an adorable album. Just love the sewing you did on it!

  3. First of all I just love everything you create!! They are always sooo beautiful! Secondly where do you find all your adorable paper?

    Just beautiful!!!!!!

  4. I love your paper bag albums!! I REALLY want to make one! Putting it on the list....I think I'm bumping it up to number 2 though.:)

  5. What a lucky girl to receive your album made with such loving care! I know I would LOVE it!!!!

    Thank you for your sweet words about my post from Les Sirenes. You know I had never looked to see where you live & now I know you are a California girl too. I think I am a California Girl at HEART & I'm just transplanted (not so happily) in Texas. HUGS! Charlene

  6. ooh! it's utterly precious:) thanks for the detailed photos, jessica...


  7. After all this time... I just realized I was not a Follower of your Blog. Well, I fixed that today. :) Does Shanda have a blog? I love her work. Any chance you would tell me where you got those 2DIE4 pink roses? I NEED Some!!!!! HUGS! Charlene

  8. Such a lovely gift! Love the pockets w/tags!

  9. A VeRy VeRy pretty it!


  10. Jessica, Thank you for sharing this book! I love how the pink ribbons stick out of the top. It is just wonderful and what a thoughtful gift! Elizabeth

  11. Jessica, this is a beautiful album! I love the stitching! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  12. is pretty sweet.

  13. Lovely, lovely work!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saskia :)

  14. Holy cow Jessica! I haven't had a chance to visit blogs lately and so am just catching up here!
    I'm blushing reading all these sweet words from you about me!
    You know I adored every single thing you sent me!! I had absolutely no idea you painted the crate, I figured you bought that somewhere!! It's fantastic.
    The paper bag book was the cutest thing ever and I love that you organized every little bit of your swap packages.
    You're such a doll!!
    Thank you again for one of my favorite swaps EVER!
    xoxo, Cerri

  15. Such a lovely album!! And I adore the pictures that you put in them. You do some mean scrapping, lady!!