Tuesday, July 20, 2010

painted polka dot crate and other goodies

I put this package together for Cerri at Little Pink Studio.

Cerri is always busy stocking her shop tempting me with things to buy and inspiring me with her blog. Cerri has been a source of inspiration for me for a while now.

Cerri and I opted to swap with this theme in mind: playful/whimsical/girlie/pinks/yellows/possibly shades of white/maybe pastels...
It was all very specific as you can see.

This is a sample of Cerri's work on Flickr:

1. pocket tags, 2. Close up, 3. Large Spanish flash cards, 4. Dreaming of Spring, 5. Cute and simple..., 6. Vintage greeting cards, 7. Mom's, 8. Sneak peeks, 9. Mine

This is how I wrapped each of her gifts. I used pink polka dotted tissue, pink organza ribbon, mini marking tags with pink rhinestone hearts for labeling, and a bit of shredded vintage sheet music.

Then, I put all of her gifts in this hand painted pink polka-dotted crate. I wish I would have taken a before picture of the ugly grey color it was before:

Tomorrow, I'll share the rest.

See more artistic kits here.


  1. Just love all those pretty cut out dolls. I HAVE to scan some of my collection for crafting soon! Another beautiful creation Jessica.

  2. hi, jessica! i'm not sure how i've gotten so behind on your beautiful blog posts, but i'm caught up now:) you have sent and received some really incredible treasures recently...ooh! i hope you are enjoying summer. (please let me know if you run across a vintagey halloween swap - i'm a bit out of the loop lately...)


  3. Oh so cute, Jessica! I love to see everything you do! The crate is adorable. Can you tell me how you did the dots on it? It's okay if it's a secret... ♥

  4. Holy cow Jessica! I haven't had a chance to visit blogs lately and so am just catching up here!
    I'm blushing reading all these sweet words from you about me!
    You know I adored every single thing you sent me!! I had absolutely no idea you painted the crate, I figured you bought that somewhere!! It's fantastic.
    The paper bag book was the cutest thing ever and I love that you organized every little bit of your swap packages.
    You're such a doll!!
    Thank you again for one of my favorite swaps EVER!
    xoxo, Cerri