Wednesday, June 2, 2010

vintage cowgirl swap

I put this package together for my partner Paula:
I made her a pocket organizer (I was inspired by the Pretty Pockets Swap. See other pocket organizers I've made here):
I made Paula's organizer using the colors Paula said that she liked blue, red, and orange.
One of Paula's interests includes sewing, so I put together this sewing tin for her with thread, trims, embroidery floss, and buttons in those dark, pretty Fall colors that Paula mentioned she liked:
The tin for the sewing kit originally contained this cowgirl stationary:I sent them along, as well. Paula mentioned she would like to dabble a bit more in paper crafting, so I sent her an ephemera kit:
and a Fun with Fibers book (Paula mentioned she also enjoys knitting, so I figured those fibers she already has would be useful as she experiments with paper crafting): Did you notice the cowgirl cookbook? I sent Paula one, too. Paula mentioned one of her interests included cooking/baking, so I searched online for the perfect cookbook, and found this one.
These are some of the fun images inside: I got the cowgirl tags from my friend Blanca's ebay shop. Here are the links to her blog and ebay shop. I stamped on the back of them:
Paula also posted about our swap on her blog here.

See more artistic kits here.