Friday, May 21, 2010

what i enjoy creating: paper bag albums

I love to create paper bag albums, but have not made one in so long.

Here are a few I have made over the years. If you click on the picture itself, you will be directed to a post with more pictures of that album.

I have made so many over the years; so these are just a few of my favorites.

See more of my paper bag albums here. If you're interested in making your own paper bag album, I have tutorials here and here.


  1. Those are gorgeous. Did I get it right? Those are made out of paper bags??? They are some of the nicest I have seen!

    We got set up late. Come and visit us if you have time!

    Kat and Suz

  2. Oh they are really lovely....thank you for the tutorial..I might have a go at it and might like it just as much as you did!! dangerous..the last thing I need is more supplies...

    Have a great weekend!


  3. this was such a fun post..and set to your lively music...i don't want to leave your site!

    well done!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Hi Jessica how are you? I see your as sweet and busy as ever! I love your paperbag scrapbooks.Looking forward to seeing the pics of your prettypockets swap. Thanks for the tutorial on the bags. You always make things seem so easy! Thank you! You are a rock star! XO Fran.

  5. Wow! Your albums are beautiful! Love all the different themes!

  6. I'm always amazed what can be done with Paper ~ Your Creations are Incredible.... Thanks for Sharing

  7. So creative, isn't it fun working on mixed media projects, I think the sewing is a great touch!

  8. Oh, I remember. You were the partner of my dear friend, Donna in the Petite Inspiration Swap, right? How could I forget a blog name like that!

  9. Really, Paper Bags??? That's Amazing

  10. So wonderful what can be created with a bit of imagination - wonderful x

  11. Beautiful stuff!!! I am following you now!!!! thanks, debbie

  12. Great bags!!! I especially love the one with flowers and the pocket with tag tucked inside.

    Thanks for sharing!

    (another blog party-er)

  13. I am just making my way down the party list......I haven't read your blog in a long time......glad to see you are still making the paper bag albums.....and no you can never have enough rubber stamps!

  14. I have made a couple paper albums too of my grandbaby and enjoyed it too! I will have to check out your lovely albums and your workspace wednesday too! Lovely! Suzie

  15. Wow, I just stumbled on your blog and i am in love with your creations... i see you are having an awesome swap... do you host them often? I have made many paper bag albums in the past and like the way you put the binding on yours. My daughter is a high school french teacher and when they study the family unit, we make a small 2 bag paper album. i sew them together and then punch holes in the sides so they can put ribbon or fibers in. i have done it 4 yrs now and always enjoy it. I am interested in learning about your swaps, etc. i don't have a blog but i think if i check email follow up comments it will give you my email addy. again, i am in awe of your work..

  16. Beautiful pages!

  17. Hi Jessica,

    All the paper bag albums are all so gorgeous and you are so very talented.
    Thank you for sharing all your pretty creations with us.

    Happy weekend, dear friend and I hope that life is going well for you.


  18. these are very cool. loved hearing your story, too.


  19. I love making paper bag albums! They are the perfect size project!
    I have been making them ever since I discovered them on ebay a few years ago! Now I teach paper bag book classes at my LSS.