Tuesday, April 13, 2010

petite inspiration box: spring edition

These are the boxes I made for my partners Samantha, Connie, and Jayme.
That pink trim was given to me by Sheila when we swapped.
This is what I included for each of my partners:an ephemera packet,

some ephemera pieces (some were copies from an art packet I bought from Cerri).
I included a little loot of buttons in this polka-dotted organza bag (also from Cerri's shop):
I made these scalloped ledger tags for each of my partners:I included trim/ribbon distressed tags from each of my partners. I blogged about the hand stamped ribbon here.I also included decorative, pink birds and a polymer clay charm for each of them: I also included a truffle, a "Spring" rubber stamp, and a pink polka-dotted flower.
See more petite inspiration boxes (they're matchboxes!) here.
See more artistic kits here.


  1. I'm amazed at how many neat things you can get tucked into the little match boxes. The wrapping and flower looks fantastic to.

  2. I don't think anyone could get fed up of seeing your petite boxes and inspiration pieces-they're so beautiful-little works of art in and of themself!

  3. These are so scrumptious! How lovely to receive one of these through the post!

  4. Unbelievably pretty gift boxes. So beautiful and girly. Your friends will love them!

  5. Im amazed by your little boxes. They are so pretty and wow how much can you get in to them :)

  6. its all beautiful...I love that little birdie paper on the outside of the box.....

  7. SO CUTE! I don't know how you girls do all the swaps! I did one for Petticoats & Parasols & had to do 24 gifts for the sweet bar while there & I went batty. The stress was way too much for me. And now I have 6 paperdolls to do. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Your boxes are so sweet. HUGS! Charlene

  8. Oh, Jessica--what delightful boxes you've created! Where on earth did you find that adorable birdie paper??? I love it!

    Your swap friends will be enchanted with all the lovelies you included in their gifts!

    Hope you're having a wonderful night!

  9. I'll never be tired of your petite boxes and their contents!
    WOW, everything is awesome, I'm amazed how much gorgeousness you can cram into 1 box!! Your swap partners are lucky girls!!

    Jan x

  10. Very cute! I wish I could think of something as equally creative to say that matches the cuteness of your boxes, but I can't so ..."very cute" will have to suffice. ;)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  11. How could anyone get tired of such a bunch of Sweetness!!!

    LOVE LOVE Them!
    Thanks for sharing..... Ruth ;

  12. wow what a lot of lovelyness in a small box!

  13. I love the retro-ish (okay, not a real word, but you know what I mean..) paper you used to cover the matchboxes and I think the polka dot flowers are just perfect...Really sets the whole creation off beautifully...And, I can't even begin to comment on how wonderful you packaged your box "fillers"...I always love seeing what you create...

  14. Jessica, you're an amazing swap partner!
    I love your boxes and everything inside!
    Anytime you want to swap with me, just say the word. :)
    (thanks so much for the shout out to my shop too, you're a doll!)

  15. EEEKKKKK I am in LOVE with these!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen anything as cute as these!!!!! You are so creative and what you used to fill them is just cute!!!!!!!!! I would love to try one of these swaps one of these times....I just love your blog!!!!! :):) Sandy @ 521 Lake Street