Thursday, March 4, 2010

workspace wednesday

and Muffin Tin Monday...

all on... Thursday?? Boy, I'm behind.

For Muffin Tin Monday (my first ever), my sweeties got a little arrangement of peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off, crackers and strawberry jello all displayed in these pink liners.
They were delighted to see their lunch presented this way.

Check out he Flickr group for more Muffin Tin Monday ideas. :)

As for my workspace on Wednesday, I've been working on my tags for Elizabeth's Retro Kitchen Tag Swap. We were to shape our tags after a kitchen appliance; I chose a blender.

I can hardly wait to receive the book when the tags are completed.

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  1. 2 cute! love those cupcake pinkies!
    where do you find those?

    ciao bella

  2. It is great when children are little enough to enjoy a party lunch everyday. My mother used to do us indoor picnics, lovely memories and of course you do them for your own children when you have them. I also used to score pictures into my sons toast when the mood took me, you score it with a knife before toasting and it leaves a white outline. Sorry you set me off on a waffle :-D Keep the magic flowing, Hugs Juliet

  3. Love the idea of the snacks so beautifully served! So it's official huh? You are a swapoholic!
    Your tag creations are always soo pretty!
    ~Angela Harris

  4. Your blender turned out so cute, Jessica!! I'm not participating but I am spectating! ♥

  5. I'd be delighted to have a lunch prepared this way as well! How lovely and sweet! Makes eating lunch fun!!! :) Great job!!! Theresa

  6. Here I am oohing over Muffin Tin Monday - could anything be more cute, when I see your tags! NO YOU DIDN'T - go to the effort of making the most spectacular tags ever! Oh my goodness am I excited about these. If you don't mind, I would like to share them on my blog to inspire and set the bar REALLY high! If my tags took an hour each, I'm guessing 2 for yours! Hope those little ones take long naps! Thank you again for participating! Elizabeth

  7. Your tags are too cute Jessica!
    I love the idea of kitchen item shaped tags...I can't wait for you to post all the ones you receive!
    As for the cupcake lunch, that was simply adorable! I'm sure she was grinning ear to ear.
    I love the tag you created for Workspace Wednesday...I wonder if anyone will be brave enough to show us their mess???

  8. My 2 year old eats less than a sparrow....maybe it's the way I present her food!!

    Dottie x

  9. I wish my girls were little enough for this idea.

    I love the looks of those blender tags and i took a peek at those mixer tags- very cute!