Wednesday, February 24, 2010

workspace wednesday

Hello friends. I'm working on my tags for Karla's Alice Tag Book Swap. Have I mentioned my mad, mad love for all things Alice in Wonderland related? "Mad, I tell you. MAD!"
If you're new to my blog (or even if you're not), and have been leaving me sweet comments, please continue to do so. I love reading them. I don't respond as quickly as I would like because my adorable 4 month old is a demanding little one. I'm typing this one handed as we speak. She is still taking cat naps and those are not the kind of naps we like here at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! ;) And! She's still breastfeeding around the clock!

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  1. Oh, I am "mad" here, too! We've been working on more Alice jewelry, and I was recently involved in an Alice in Wonderland craft swap (details in an upcoming post). :) Can't wait to see all your pretty finished Alice tags!!! :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the finished tags!!! I love Alice in Wonderland, actually we've talked about naming a second daughter if and when we have one after that book character. Our first is named after a book character so we've got to continue on the tradition.

  3. I love Alice in Wonderland and can't wait to see the new film.
    Only just found you so looking forward to reading more.

    Beki xxx

  4. jessica - that peek of your work area looks very enticing:) i'm eager to see what you create!


  5. Jessica, This is going to be the most beautiful tag ever! Are you sure you want my simple tag? I am just a beginner at paper crafts. If you are still interested, please e-mail me your address at and I will post your tag on Friday. It would be wonderful for you to be a Tag Along and make one of your beautiful creations! Elizabeth

  6. We're just glad you are so good at one handed!!!! Love your little ALICE all cut out. My friend Lisa is doing that swap too. Looks like fun. I'm still not into fun this week. But, I have stopped crying buckets. Thank you for coming by last week for a sweet hug of comfort. I am going to ADORN ME next week & a full week of being around all those creative souls & out of the house should help a bunch. So, work on ALICE & hug those sweeties for me. Have a great weeknend. Charlene

  7. sounds like you are having fun, and have your hands full, LOL!

    I personally do not get the attraction of alice in wonderland...I know the theme seems to be very popular in many art circles, but not for me, but then again...I have always been a little different...I do not like Picasso either.

  8. Are you mad about Alice? I didn't know! Well I just finished off crafting for an Alice In Wonderland craft swap. My favourite part was watching the Disney cartoon, as research! Hehehe.

    So are you crafting with one hand as well ;-)

  9. love your blog and for that I have awarded you the Sunshine Award.
    Here's a link to my blog where you can read about it

  10. Workspace Wednesday? Girl...I did NOT read this yesterday. All I can say is GREAT & CREATIVE minds think alike!!! :)
    Are you hosting "Workspace Wednesday" from now on??? If you do, I'm IN! Love it!!!!
    And I love your Alice tags too...I know I'm going to regret not joining this swap ;(
    Have fun Jess!!!

  11. so funny because you answered my questions in this post. i was thinking: what happens when the kids aren't napping any more? i remember when my oldest stopped taking naps. i cried! LOL

    way to go on the breastfeeding. it's not always easy but i always felt it was so worthwhile.

    your tags are lovely. rock on, multi-tasker!


  12. Jessica.... I truly understand the whole napping thing!
    I'm always working around my 3 year old Grandaughter, Kaylee. Grandmas can still work wonders with just one hand :) Some things you just never forget!

    Ruth ;)

  13. you enjoy your little one, they grow so darn fast!

  14. oh, those tags look like they are going to be fabulous! i love the fat ALICE ribbon!

  15. I love what you're doing makes me want to grab a pair of scissors and cut paper alice's out for you!!

    a little one is 'demanding' so no worries....come visit when you can! ciao bella...


  16. Looks like your tags are going to be lovely!
    I definitely remember the days of little ones taking up all of your time and doing things one handed!
    Cerri xo

  17. Now I am just plain embarrassed! 13 Tags Total, Jessica! One of my drop outs, dropped back in! She couldn't resist the cuteness! E

  18. Hi Jessica! I'm doing Karlas swap too!! Wouldn't it be a hoot if we got each others??
    Hope you're doing good!
    Blog atcha later!!

  19. I can't believe you can get any tags done at all with a 4 month old around! You are impressive!

  20. Karla's tag book will be wonderful. I know I should've done it. Too much going on. Have you seen the movie yet? I haven't...but I've heard from a friend it was wonderful.

  21. Hi Jessica,

    Lovely idea... Workspace Wednesday and good to see what others are up to.
    Love your little Alice's, and I bet the tags will be cute.
    I love Alice in Wonderland too.