Friday, July 17, 2009

fabric tags

Brandy sells the prettiest treasures in her shop.
Brandy talked about working on these tags here.
I had to have them.


  1. SEW pretty! You have the prettiest goodies over here! :)

  2. Oh Brandy's stuff is sooo pretty indeed!
    This is my thought on the recession...if you still have money in your pocket and all your bills have been paid, then it's okay to buy pretty things! :)
    Simple right? You made an A+ Jessica!
    everything vintage

  3. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Yes, we do have to give a little time & press to those guys of ours so they keep being generous! Right? :) I did post (today) the goodies I bought for myself when I bought his Jack Daniels shelf. I so go for the lace, Bling, & pearl stuff. I would love to do a swap like the one you just posted this week. Keep me posted when you see a good one OK? Thanks.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    What lovely fabric tags ~ I like how they have punched holes and then sewen that. What a lot of work.

    Have fun going to feed the ducks.
    That used to be a favourite thing that the kids and I used to do.

    Enjoy your weekend

  5. Brandy's tags are beautiful, but I received yours in the mail today and would say yours gives a healthy competition! Your Marie tag is gorgeous! I love all of the little details! Beautiful lace and beads and flowers with their gem centers, too! Thanks so much for sharing with me. Happy day!

  6. What great stuff! Just so pretty.