Thursday, June 4, 2009

little miss muffet atcs

The theme color for the blog A Year of Color was green. Christine at A Work in Progress hosts a monthly ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap, where a group of us makes 10 ATCs to swap. I've mentioned the swap before. I made these ATCs using my friend Jen's digital downloads.

Here they are packaged up, and ready to go.

See more of my ATCs here


  1. Pretty! Love the beautiful ATC's! PURDY!

  2. Your cards are great! I just signed up for a digital class using Photoshop Elemnets. I am so intimidated by that program. Don't know what my problem is. Hope I feel more comfotable after class. Do you have any good secrets?

  3. I just signed up for the swap and can't wait!!!! I love your Betty Page tags,too cute!!
    ~Molly P

  4. These cards are beautiful! Did you actually make them after printing the digital picture? I'm also new to this way of making things...Love the banana cake song... Cheers! and do come over :)

  5. I love the Little Miss Muffet tags ~ way cute.

    Have a happy weekend

  6. Wow! Jessica, I love what you did with the Miss Muffet Tag!!! I so love when others can see past what something IS to what it can BE. Very neat idea to wrap the flower as you did too. Thanks so much girl!!!! Fabulous :~)