Monday, February 2, 2009

very vintage valentine's swap and junque in my trunk swap

For Heidi's Very Vintage Valentine's Swap, I was paired up with Lorri from Cute as Pie Cottage. I received this pretty, padded box from Lorri filled with wonderful treasures.
I have already started using it to store my trims.
Lorri sent me candles, a journal, note pads, jelly beans, a beautiful ornament, a shabby frame, and a pretty vintage card inside of the box.
Thank you, Lorri!

In other news, a surprise arrived this week. For my very first swap, which was for Heather at Pretty Petals' Junque in my Trunk Swap, an unfortunate thing happened. I didn't receive my box from my swap partner Trish at The Tattered Rose. She had sent it out, and there was a mix up at the post office, and I wasn't able to receive the box that Trish had put together for me. And, it took a long time just for her to get it back. Good things come to those who wait because I finally got my package in the mail, and it is just lovely:
She wrapped up the box in pretty fabric, an aqua bow, and pink silk flowers.
This is the cigar box that Trish altered for me.
Here is what was inside of the box:
and outside of the box:

I loved all the vibrant, colorful ephemera and embellishments:
Trish made these kewpie tags for me:

These packages were a delight to receive.


  1. Jessica, I'll admit I'm gullible and for one half of a millisecond, I really thought you signed up for 80 something swaps! ~ faint ~ ☺

    Very cute and colorful goodies ya got there! Come see me sometime!

    ~ ♥ ♥ ~

  2. Your padded box is really pretty! It looks great with your trims in it. Your swap partner spoiled you. YAY! It's good to get spoiled, huh?

    Your Junque in My Trunk box finally arrived? I remember you making a swap box for that! That was quite a while ago. Thank heavens it finally got to you. I once had a bill for something get mangled by a post office in LA and when the bill went to the people who harass you for not paying a bill (but legally are NOT supposed to harass you anymore) because they didn't believe I never received it. I then got an envelope from the post master in LA with an apology in a letter about a piece of mail getting mangled...inside was the mangled bill...I sent it on to the creditors they took me off the list of people who get harassed for not paying a bill...this of course was in the days before the internet and all 20 years ago. Ah well, it all ended well...I'm rambling, aren't I?
    I could just delete all this and start over, but something tells me you might find this all vaguely entertaining, LOL!

    Your giftees are darling! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Gosh the boxes and packaging are almost enough reason to do a swap! You had great partners. I missed the boat of Valentine swaps this year, but I think I'll have to look for some next year for sure. That'll give me time this summer to look for finds at the flea markets!

  4. oooh lucky you i love cupie dolls and am most jealous of your tags!

  5. Jessica, I am so glad you finally got this much overdue package from me and that you liked it. I put a little extra treat in with your charms - but I never got a pin back glued onto it!!! Thanks for being such a good sport. I loved your charms. :Trish