Monday, November 10, 2008

aqua and red fall swap

I am participating in Selena's Aqua and Red Fall swap. I've kept a jar full of aqua and red on my desk to inspire me to gather goodies for my swap partner Chanda. I'm actually going to be good today, and not post the pictures of the swap goodies before my partner receives them, but I have included a few sneak peek pictures.
These are Chanda's gifts wrapped up.
... and some of what's coming her way.


  1. isnt it hard not to post what u got her or sent or made? Im in 4 swaps and I have made so many things and I just want to show everyone and I cant hahah

  2. Love the color combo! I saw this on an Etsy front page collage recently. Fabulous!

  3. your packages look awesome! I love that color combo too. You sneak is not enough! :)

  4. Oooh! Lucky Chanda! I saw that swap, too but I thought I better start out slow and only do one swap at a time. :>

    Thanks for coming by today!

    ~ Hearts ~

  5. lovely stuff - i just love that colour combo - gorgeous