Monday, October 6, 2008

cheshire cat from alice in wonderland

For the Fairytale swap (first mentioned here), Leah at Sew to Bed made me this Cheshire cat pillow after my favorite fairytale Alice in Wonderland. 
I'm glad I was able to pry it out of my daughters' hands for a few minutes to take this picture.


  1. Oh cool! I saw that face on flickr before. It is so cute!! My kids attack my swap stuff now and start dividing stuff up before I even get a say so. It's fun though!


  2. Blues Clues right??? Uhhh whats the new music that people my age are suppost to listen to??? I dont know...Whats the music 3 year old listen too? I can write down the lyrics...haha

  3. That was cute!!! The rhyme, the chesire cat and swappy goodies! How fun!

  4. I'm glad that he arrived safely and that you like him. xx