Thursday, September 25, 2008

a fall / farm / autumn / fabric paper bag scrapbook album

I made this paper bag album and sold it on eBay. This is the cover of the album... I used the same ole embellishments I always do and love: layered silk flowers, charms, brads, black and white vintage pictures and grubby tags. I used the flap of the paper bag as a library pocket. I used the photo mats in the album as pockets, as well.
There are 5 layouts total.
This is the first layout:

This is the first layout with the flap opened up:

This is the second layout:
This is the third layout:

This is the third layout with the flap opened up:

This is the fourth layout:

This is the fourth layout with the flap opened up:

This is the fifth and final layout:
These are the large tags; each one goes in one of the three, large pockets on the side of the album:
Here's all the grubby tags in the album:

I like how it turned out, and I hope the buyer did, too. :)

See more of my paper bag albums here. If you're interested in making your own paper bag album, I have tutorials here and here.


  1. ohhhhhh I love those! Those are great!

    I was tagged so I thought I would tag you so I could learn more about you :)

  2. This is beauitful!!!!! I love all those grubby tags too! Even though it is fall, I am still picking blackberries here...crazy weather I guess...I am off to make a cobbler....Melinda

  3. You make the cutest scrapbooks ever!