Monday, September 1, 2008

whimsy jar swap

I love the whimsy jar and goodies that Julie sent me. I love to surround myself with pretty, inspirational things when I'm creating, so this jar is sitting on my scrapbooking desk along with my other favorite inspirational items. It's the prettiest jar ever, and the pin cushion on top is just too clever. ... oh and oodles of goodies inside:
pretty lace covered carnival tickets and whimsical charms:
colorful brads and eyelets:
assorted paper, silk, and epoxy flowers:
rhinestone embellishments:
tiles, dice, and game pieces (will be so fun to alter some of these!):

a ballerina cupcake topper, beads, and a blue pebble:
metal pretties like paper clips and safety pins:

adorable sequins:
Thank you Julie ! :)
This is the jar that I made for Julie. (It was first mentioned here). She mentioned various color combinations that she liked; pink and black were amongst her favorites, so I stuck to that color scheme, and added a bit of white and silver, as well.
I used rub-ons on the jar itself.
The goodies inside included:
paper clips:
paper flowers:
book beads and charms: