Monday, June 23, 2008

jewels of the sea swap

This is what I made for Heather's Jewels of the Sea Swap. I made the charms out of polymer clay.
I put them on some distressed tags, and now they're ready to be mailed to their new homes.
You can see the charms dangling from a few colorful beads.


  1. Great job! I think they turned out fabby for your first time. Great colors too :~) I have never tried them but have seen so many that I would definitely like to dip my toes and give it a whirl...

  2. oohh - lovely!!
    i'm loving your grubby tags!!!

  3. I love your charms!! I've never worked with polymer clay but have always wanted to try it out. Very cool charms and tags to hang them on!!

    Have a wonderful week!!

  4. Jessica, I think your tags are absolutely adorable...just like everything you do. You are so incredibly talented with scrappin'
    ...always inspiring me to drag out my paper and glue and scissors know the drill!

    Thanks for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog. I loved that you stopped by! You've been missed!

    Pssst....Did you know that your blog was like the first blog I ever commented on? I used my first name and I NEVER do that on blogs, silly me, you must have made me feel so comfortable I forgot myself...LOL! I would've emailed this, but I have no email for you so you can call me "TattingChic" that'll be our "code" for "SH_____" ( my frist name )K?

    ((hugs)) TattingChic :)
    I know it's silly, but I'm a super-hyper-safety-chick on the net. I'm also apparently a novelist as I've probably left the longest comment in history on your blog, here! LOL!

  5. Jessica you rocked on these pendants! And to think it was your first try! I tell you what girl, you get the medal for being so brave and diving into these swaps! I don't have the courage to try as much as you do. WIsh I did. :-) Keep creating girl!