Friday, May 23, 2008

top 5's

top 5 must-haves:

in my fridge:
  1. yogurt with homemade granola
  2. fresh watermelon
  3. leftover, homemade lasagna
  4. arroz con leche
  5. vegetarian ceviche
in my closet:
  1. over sized, but flattering, blouse
  2. black tights with lace trimming
  3. black crochet flats
  4. faded, vintage Levi's denim jeans
  5. black, black, and more black (it's slimming, ya know?)
in my purse:
  1. an extensive to-do list in my mini journal
  2. the book book
  3. thrifted make-up bag 
  4. coupons
  5. thrifted clutch holding my ID, visa card, and whatever else I can stuff in there.
in my car:
  1. a mess in the trunk... sigh
  2. various toddler things: alvin and the chipmunks soundtrack, carseats, cheerios, diapers
  3. too many water bottles
  4. an enormous scratched cd collection
  5. me-it appears I live in there these days
on TV:
  1. sex and the city re-runs
  2. friends re-runs
  3. what not to wear, you guessed it, re-runs
  4. american beauty on hbo
  5. design on a dime
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  1. Good for you breaking the rules!! It's a great way to get to know you!!