Wednesday, May 21, 2008

button collection

Be prepared for the most ridiculous button collection you've ever seen. I was inspired to share my collection after coming across Analise's button challenge a few months ago.

If you need a button for something, you know who to ask. ;)

I don't blog about buttons as much as I used to, but check out other blog topics here.


  1. hi partner!!!
    that last post shows you're a girl after my own heart!!
    you would so love my button stash.
    i'm soon opening a etsy store to sell my surplus!!!

  2. Wow! I LOVE your buttons!! I've just been going through my button jar and trying to organize them by color. My buttons aren't nearly as pretty as some of yours. I do love buttons though!!

  3. These are gorgeous. Have you been collecting? How fun to even just look at them. Are you going to sell any?? Lisa

  4. I love button too. Was fun looking at your's. You have more than me cause i use them on button daolls but i do love buttons.