Friday, October 31, 2014

five on friday

1. Though I don't technically work (I don't get a paycheck anyway), I'm going to begin implementing some of these ideas: 13 Things Successful People Do in the Last 10 Minutes of the Workday from Popsugar.

2. On that note, 12 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People by Emma Rushton on Lifehacker is another great read. "Successful people know the importance of even daily goals- the weekends are no exception."

3. I've always been private about breastfeeding so as to not offend. I realize it's a terrible mentality. Alyssa Milano shared a personal breastfeeding picture on Instagram. It's beautiful.

4. The idea to use a bamboo drying rack to create A Clever Kid's Book Caddy is adorable (on I Heart Organizing).

5. I have hearts in my eyes for Kyle + Janelle’s Los Angeles Apartment featured on Jayme Harney's blog JayAdores. The kitchen shelving is amazing. I also really like the pipe shelving (remember when I linked to this?).

Have a good one! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

october recap

Every month I recap my activities and goals for the month and link to various blog posts. Usually I do it on the last day of the month, but tomorrow is Friday and I insist on sharing 5 links with you for "5 on Friday." ;)

We celebrate a variety of birthdays every month around here (we come from big families and I have a big family). We're constantly trying to come up with what we consider to be fun birthday themes. This month I shared a sock hop birthday party idea:
kid's birthday party idea: 50's sock hop
a pretty birthday brunch idea:
birthday brunch
and a birthday picnic idea:
adeline's birthday/oak glen schoolhouse museum
Also: doughnut cakes!

Speaking of celebrating, my cousin Marta had a baby in late September. Her baby is so beautiful! I started the series "Dear Marta," in which I share some of what I've learned about being a mother and raising babies. The first post is here. More of that to come.
dear marta: 5 general newborn tips
Marta and I were paired for my whimsy jar swap. She made this beautiful whimsy jar for me:
whimsy jar swap from marta
I made this baby themed whimsy jar for her:
baby whimsy jar
This month I worked on "cleaning every nook and cranny of my workspace" as it was one of my goals for October. I shared a few pictures of my progress for Workspace Wednesday.  I also discussed creating vs spending seeing as how I've accumulated too much.
my workspace progress
In other news, I added 3 sandwiches to my 52 sandwiches project:
#46: buffalo chicken grilled cheese on jalapeno cheddar bread
sandwich no. 46: buffalo chicken grilled cheese on jalapeno cheddar bread
#47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread
52 sandwiches no. 47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread
#48: tuna salad (revisited)
52 sandwiches no. 48: tuna salad
Not necessarily in that order, but look! I can count.
I also blogged about considering sandwich construction after reading an article on NPR with Dan Pashman from The Sporkful as a guest (am obsessed with the podcast). I also added 5 of my recent sandwiches to my favorites. (I had listed my first 10 favorites here).

As far as my goals for October, this is how I did.
october goals
Clean every nook and cranny of my workspace
Yeah I did. :)
Take evening walks with each of my daughters 
We took a few family walks. No individual mom/daughter time, but that's ok.  I couldn't say no.
Try a new hot beverage per Sarah's advice, which I originally blogged about here.
I tried Oprah's chai tea latte at Starbucks. It was okay, but it wasn't my favorite. Ah well.

I did all that I wanted to do this month! Ta da. :)

See this year's monthly recaps here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

workspace wednesday: my craft space update

One of my goals for October is to "Clean every nook and cranny of my workspace." I had been putting it off because it seemed overwhelming. I knew I would have to deal with things I no longer wanted, and I didn't know what to do with them. I typically give things away, but then I feel bad for having wasted money. The thing is I already wasted the money when I bought whatever I'm not using. Hanging onto it for guilt reasons is not going to bring the money back. There's a hard lesson to be learned: don't buy impulsively.
workspace wednesday
I have sorted through every box stored beneath my "desk." (It's 2 of the 4x2 Expedit bookcases side by side, along the backside of my couch. It's like a long sofa table. Here are a few pictures of what the entire space looks like in my house). Anyhow, I've looked through all of the storage boxes and am selling (in a yard sale) or giving away a significant portion. All I have left to do is sort through scrap paper (bleh) and reorganize that which is on my desk ("the sofa table"). That'll be easy because it's all of my supplies (rubber stamps) and embellishments. (Jesse got a hold of one of my alphabet runner stamp sets. See?)
workspace wednesday workspace wednesday
I also have plans to paint that red crate. See it? I'm almost done! :) Hopefully I can share my completed space next week.

What are you working on??

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

52 sandwiches #47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread

Before I get into this sandwich, I need to get something off of my chest. I skipped over sandwich #47 last time I made a sandwich and went straight to #48. Oops. :/ Apparently, I forgot how to count! ;) No big deal- I'll do #47 now and then jump to #49. Math lesson #1: learn to count.

Anyhow, the sandwich I'm sharing today was inspired by my cousin Andre. He posted a chips and pretzel sandwich on Instagram last week.  Jesse has put chips in his sandwich, as well. I've always grimaced at the sight of chips in his sandwich- though I've been secretly curious to know if the crunch and salty flavor of the chips would make for a better sandwich. Seeing my cousin Andre's sandwich reminded me of Jesse's chip sandwiches and a recipe Joy (from Joy the Baker) shared on her blog here. I decided to go ahead and give this sandwich a shot even though it seemed (honestly, it still seems) weird to me.
52 sandwiches no. 47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread
I slightly altered Joy's recipe to use what I had on hand. I spread Dijon mustard on multigrain bread. (Clearly, there's too much mustard in the picture. I didn't even use half of what's there).Then I layered turkey, cheddar cheese, pickles, and jalapeño chips on one slice of bread, then topped it with the other slice of bread. Then, I grilled the bread in butter until golden brown.
52 sandwiches no. 47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread
Though it is good, I prefer my chips on the side. Womp. Womp. But maybe you'll like it (or maybe you already do!). Also, if I were you, I wouldn't add quite so much mustard (and I really like mustard, so that's saying something).
52 sandwiches no. 47: grilled turkey, cheese, pickle, and jalapeño chips on multigrain bread
The pressing question is what do you think about potato chips in a sandwich??

** I am attempting to make 52 sandwiches. Read more about how this project got started here. See all the sandwiches I've made so far here.**

Monday, October 27, 2014

baby whimsy jar

baby whimsy jar
Baby whimsy jars are one of my favorite kinds of whimsy jars to put together. If you're new here, you're probably thinking, "What is a whimsy jar?" I'll tell you! A whimsy jar is . . . wait for it . . . a jar full of whimsy. ;) To make a whimsy jar you take a new or recycled jar and cute things to fill it up. That's it! Well, you could also decorate the jar if you'd like. A coordinating color painted lid is good enough for me!  Because I'm a paper crafter, I typically fill my jars with paper crafting embellishments. Whimsy jars make adorable gifts, and can be personalized to your recipients likes and preferences though. For example, my daughters and I made kids' whimsy jars for a swap once. We filled the jars with kid appropriate things like flavored lip gloss, candy, a treasure catcher necklace, nail polish, etc. Check out those jars here. What I'm saying is though I'm a paper crafter, whimsy jars don't have to be limited to paper crafting embellishments. (Look at this guest room cart. How cute to put toiletries in a jar for guests!)

Tangent, much?

We were talking about baby whimsy jars (at least I was). I put this baby whimsy jar together for my cousin Marta. When her baby is napping, she can be scrapping. ;) (Who has been here long enough to remember that my blog's name used to be "Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!?" lol. I don't talk about just paper crafting anymore. That's why I changed it).

I put this jar together Marta. I tried to include some of her favorite things: baby girl schemes, butterflies, purples, turquoise, yellows.
baby whimsy jar
See the jar Marta put together for me here.
See more whimsy jars I've received or put together here. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday!