Monday, March 2, 2015

march goals

march goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan)
  • Work on a few just-for-fun craft projects. (I already know exactly what I want to make. I can't wait to work on them and share them with you!)
  • Recreate one of those adult version photos of a childhood photo as a gift for my mom's birthday this month. (I'm laughing already). 
  • Drink water first thing in the morning. (It's supposed to "be a great way to jump-start your body)."
  • Track my meals and snacks regularly. (This again? Yeah. Gotta get back on that bandwagon).
  • Have my daughters stick to their assignment lists. (We're trying to develop positive habits).
Ongoing goals from February:
Ongoing goals from January:
  • Eat healthy desserts (See my work in progress here)
  • Read at least 15 minutes every day
  • Document some of our family's favorite recipes
  • Do interval training a few times (I'm looking at you, Jillian)
Here's to a productive month! What are your goals this month?

Friday, February 27, 2015

five on friday

five on friday
1. I want to do this in my house: Huge Photobooth Style Family Photos by Elise Cripe. (My walls are still way too bare).

2. For her regular feature "Scrapbook Sunday," Elsie Larson shared How to Make Scrapbook Pocket Cards on A Beautiful Mess. This will be a fun, weekend craft activity.

3. Also on A Beautiful Mess this week, Laura Gummerman's Art Room (Before + After). I love it!

4. If you didn't realize there would be a link to productive mornings, then you don't know me at all. ;) The Ultimate Guide To Your Most Productive Morning Ever by Kalen Bruce.
"There’s something magical about the morning hours. This quiet, calm time of the day is unrivaled."

5. Two quotes on silence this week: "Silence is an answer too" and "Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all" from Jelly Wong.

Hope you have a good one!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

february recap

Every month at the end of the month or at the beginning of the new month, I recap my monthly activities and goals and link to various personal blog posts. See this year's monthly recaps here. See 2014's monthly recaps here.
february goals
(Printable calendar from Jillian McClenahan)

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays- making and receiving Valentine's is a major part of the fun. (I'm a paper crafter through and through).

For Valentine's Day this year we decided to pair dinner and a movie (after seeing this idea on Tracy's blog). We watched Back to the Future 3. As Back to the Future 3 was partly set in western United States in 1885, we tried to have foods that would have been had then. I don't know if this is historically accurate, but we had steak with grilled onions, rotisserie chicken, artichoke, corn, baked potato, and a biscuit for dinner, and custard pie for dessert. Historically accurate or not, it was delicious.
february recap
I gave Jesse this "You're my favorite husband" card along with a favorite cologne. We also promised we'd go on 12, monthly dates this year. I got an arrangement of beautiful flowers as you can see above. That picture of us was taken in Idyllwild, CA a few years ago. See here.
12 dates // valentine's day or anniversary gift idea
My sister Jasmine guest posted this month sharing 12 Dates // A Valentine's Day or Anniversary Gift Idea. That's what inspired our 12, monthly dates promise.

This month I shared 3 new, Greek yogurt dessert recipes for my project Greek yogurt 52 ways:
february recap
#3 fruit salad
#4 banana pudding with vanilla wafer crumbles
#5 almond joy mousse

This month I completed my December Daily 2014 book:
february recap
See week 1 here; see week 2 here; see week 3 here; see week 4 here; or browse this year's December Daily here.
february recap
This month I shared what I was working on for Workspace Wednesday (see Workspace Wednesday posts here).

I also shared several pictures of my craft space. See here:
february recap
This month I shared my top ten favorite memory keepers/pocket scrapbookers on Instagram. See that post here:
february recap
Speaking of which, are we friends on Instagram?? @jessicarrodarte
february recap
This month I reopened my etsy shop, and took a stroll down memory lane sharing various, artistic kits I've put together over the years. See that post here:
february recap
This is one of the limited kits I'm currently offering in my etsy shop:
february recap
I feel it was a productive month. As far as my goals for February, this is how I did:

  • Create a family mission statement (sounds kinda cheesy, but I think it's a good idea. ha)
  • Well, we have our mission statement. Now it's a matter of creating a visual of it. I tried a few things that didn't turn out this month, but it's a work in progress.  Maybe the great idea will hit me next month! ;)
  • Prep meals on Sunday (totally inspired by Tracy)
  • I did- not as much as I would have liked, but it is a habit I intend to develop.
  • Repurpose a thrifted find
  • I didn't. I did go thrifting a bit, but didn't find anything I wanted to repurpose.
  • Reopen my etsy shop
  • See above!
  • Complete my December Daily book
  • See above!
  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with my lifelong crush
  • See above!

    This was a dense post. If you made it this far, good job. ;)

    See you tomorrow for Five on Friday. (It's almost Friday!)

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    workspace wednesday // things i'm working on*

    workspace wednesday // things i'm working on
    I'm working on catching up with the rest of my family's 2014 book (yeah I'm still singing this sad song).

    I'm working on reading for 15 minutes every day. I'm doing really well with this. I usually read for more than 15 minutes. Rather than browsing mindlessly through social media, I'm opting to read. It's very satisfying.

    I'm working on not being on my phone so much. Though this is very true, I need to put the phone down and discuss meaningful things. ;)

    I'm working on refining my morning routine. Sometimes I don't feel like doing it. Those are the days I need routine most though- the days when my feet are dragging.

    I'm working on new kits for my etsy shop. I will also be giving away 7 of the same kit next month for hitting 7 years of blogging.

    I'm working on letting my house be messier than I like it to be. (It's pretty messy. It's just that I'm frazzled about it all the time). We live here, after all. "You mean... you use your toaster? That's why there's crumbs there?? You pig!"

    I'm working on eating quality food. I was really hungry yesterday, and eating junk when I realized, "The junk will never satiate my hunger like a quality meal or snack." I, then, ate Greek Yogurt (protein will satiate your hunger!) with pineapples and coconut (healthy fat will also satiate hunger!). It was this recipe. I felt the most satisfied I had felt all day. Cookies are not the way to go.

    I'm working on making more time for friends. It's hard to pry me away from my home. "But they need me!" They do, but not all the time.

    I'm working on revamping my blog- did you notice I changed my header? See it here.

    I'm working on doing the best with what I have.

    *This post was inspired by Rachel's.

    See other Workspace Wednesday posts here.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015

    my top 10 favorite memory keepers / pocket scrapbookers on instagram

    Instagram deserves all of the happy emoticons as I love it so much. After blogging, it's my favorite social media platform. I follow a bunch of memory keepers // paper crafters (of course)... and family members. Instagram made my relatives aware of how much I like paper crafting (maybe too much). My relatives are probably like "If I have to see one more flipping, rubber stamp picture, I'm going to lash out with all of the hostile emoticons!"

    I'm here to share my favorites on Instagram. Please don't stop posting your lovely pictures, favorite Instagrammer, even if your cousin is over pocket pages, pocket cards, roller date stamps, scissors, and pens pictures. I heart you.

    Kristen Tweedale @rukristen
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I recently came across Kristen's Instagram feed, and immediately started following her there and following her blog. Her shop is full of cool rubber stamps (see above) that one day I'm going to buy! Kristen's Instagram profile says: "Feminist Scrapbooker. Lady-blogger, paper-crafter, & kick-ass memory-keeper."
    Read her blog here.

    Trisha Harrison @trishaharrison
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    Trisha was on last year's Project Life creative team. I came across her work after seeing all of the creative team members on Becky Higgins' site. I love her memory keeping style. Trisha's Instagram profile says: "Project Life Artist. Lover of Photography + Crafts + DIY."
    Read her blog here.

    Kellie Winnell @giveagirlablog
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Kellie's work lurking on Instagram one day (every day). She sells acrylic and rubber stamps, some of which I own. (Love 'em!) Kellie's Instagram profile says: "I wear the mum badge like a boss | laugh everyday with Luke | stamp store owner | craft/DIY are my thing | addicted to iced-'coffee' blogging & food."
    Read her blog here.

    Rachel Del Grosso @bigcityquiet
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Rachel's work a few years ago on Flickr first I believe. Her photography is confident and bold. I dig it. Rachel recently launched an etsy shop, in which she sells digital files of pocket cards (amongst other things). Her style is on point. Rachel's Instagram profile says: "writer + project life documenter designer behind #bigcityquietdesigns canadian in las vegas."
    Read her blog here.

    Tracy Armstrong @tracyxo_
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Tracy's work last year. Whereas several memory keepers are, er, keeping memories of their married life with kids, Tracy is keeping memories of her life as a single girl right now. Good idea! Tracy's Instagram profile says: "LOVES: my dog, coffee, music, black, white & gold, scrapbooking & New York City ❤️ Studio Calico Creative Team Member."
    Read her blog here.

    Tina Aszmus @lifelovepaper
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Tina's blog and her paper shop first. (Her paper kits are one of a kind and beautiful). Following her blog, I headed over to her Instagram to follow her there. Her feed is gorgeous. Tina's Instagram profile says: "Mama to Tyler, wife to grizzly Aszmus, photographer, screenprinter, & product designer residing in Alaska. Here are the details of my everyday."
    Read her blog here.

    Kelly Purkey @kellypurkey
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    Kelly is living the dream- traveling to her heart's content, eating delicious food, memory keeping, and designing products for memory keepers. I mean. Let's switch lives for a day, Kelly. Do you mind changing diapers? ;) Kelly's Instagram profile says: "Designer. Glutton. Nomad."
    Read her blog here.

    Debee Ruiz @inspirelovely
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Debee's work after attending the Queen Bee Market a few years ago. She is as lovely (get it? lovely?) in person as she seems online. And her products are amazing. Debbe's Instagram profile says: "Owner of Inspire Lovely Etsy // Love my Mr. + Mama to little R + New old Home Owner + Maker of Pretty Things + Paper XO + Succulent Garden + Blessed."
    Read her blog here.

    Kari Stiles @crafty.kari.crafts
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I came across Kari's feed about a year ago. I like her photography skills- she has a good eye. She has 2 Instagram feeds, and one is especially for memory keeping/paper crafting. I follow both though. Kari's original Instagram profile says, ""

    Kait Bell @cafepapier
    my favorite paper crafters on instagram
    I very recently started following Kait. I believe she lived overseas for a time, but is now living in Tennessee. She seems to also be living the traveler/memory keeper dream. ;) Kait's Instagram profile says: "hippie at heart, planner in practice."
    Read her blog here.

    So, yeah. Those are some of my favorites. Tell me who your favorites are in the comments!

    P.S. Are we friends on Instagram? If not, let's! @jessicarrodarte